Time vs Ideas

20 10 2010

No time but lot of ideas to write about – this is the worst.

Floorball: the game, the players and the successful coach

20 10 2010

Well why do you read about Floorball on a racketlon blog? Sometimes watching a floorball(collective sport) match is good for a individual sport player to watch.

Last weekend, I saw a women floorball match home team playing against league number 1, home team can surprise the host team and all the players hope for the best. From the home team, two players are strong-willed and desperate to get the ball and score; fight until the last second but the “only” problem is that the defenders are not able to pass the ball to them so they would score. Even if they get the ball they do not score because they feel pressure and more pressure makes you more mistaks.

Coach: A coach always has a beginning and a finish in a team. In this case, it is up to the coach how much of his time and life will he sacrifice for a women floorball team. After a while, probably he starts to realize that all the responsibility is starting to make him troubles which he can solve but in his mind there is always that he can spend this time with his children instead of a team.

Will the players truly understand that why will their coach leave? The coach had made them the team which they are today, even though losing 2-7 against the number 1 but that does not count now really.

April 27th, 2010

PS: According to a hungarian floorball blogger, this coach was the best women coach in the 1st Hungarian Women League for the 2009/2010 season

Meteor 575 – half long or short? pimples rubber

6 03 2010

According to the official specifications, Meteor is a half long rubber but if you look at it for the first time it looks like a short pimples. There can be always “shocking” moments in your life with the rubber  you play with when you realize that it works for you. These moments can come even after 50 years of playing table tennis. Especially, if you find a new rubber for your forehand. First of all I have to say that this moment is not my experience, I just know about it from a discussion with a player who is a European doubles champion (60-65) and has finished 2nd in European Singles (65-70). Basically, this player realized that Meteor is good for his forehand instead of his normal rubber. I have to add that he plays with short pimples on his backhand almost from the first time he started to play. He is able to win against all ages, literally from 15 up to 70, and the most upsetting thing to his opponents is that he just stands close-to-the-table with his awkward grip(he does not put his pointing finger onto the rubber). After playing with Meteor on his forehand for 30 minutes he was able to hit his forehand down the line with more consistency than before. Well, I have to add that there are types of rubbers with you have to play 30 minutes and you know that this is for you or there are those with you have to play 1 week in order to get that moment. The lesson from this situation is that it’s never too late to change or experiment with new rubbers. Nevertheless, its always 100 of hours trainings.

Xiom Guillotine S review

29 01 2010

Recently, I talked with a modern defensive player who has tried out Xiom’s Guillotine S which is a tensor long pimples. The combination of tensor and long pimples is very interesting. (There is another tensor long pimples called Andro Chaos and some more) Close-to-the-table blocks are very impressive. Control is very good even when attacking close-to-the-table. Cut defense from the back is a bit harder to do but with practice good cut defense can be played fairly well. Here is Xiom’s website: http://www.xiomtt.com/ .

More feedback will be published soon.

Marek Janicek Photography

27 01 2010

I just found this website about 2 weeks ago. As I looked at his photos, I like his work. On his temporary blog, there are also some reviews of equipment. Here you can visit his blog http://www.marcraft.net/blog/

Greg Letts – One of the best Table Tennis advisors

27 01 2010

I’m following Greg’s publications on the About.com website and also his website: http://www.gregsttpages.com/gttp/index.php/Home.html . If you interested in table tennis than you should definitely check out his website.

Spin Mantra – The Table Tennis blog

26 01 2010

I discovered this blog about a week ago and I found it very helpful. It has many reviews of equipment and tips about table tennis. Here is the link http://www.spinmantra.com/tabletennis/blog/wordpress/ which you can also find in the linked pages.


26 01 2010

This blog has just started. So please be patient but if you know anything about racketlon or interested in sport photography your comment is welcomed.

Thank You!

Hello world!

25 01 2010

This blog will be about sport and photography as you can see it from the title. Most of the posts will be about racketlon which includes 4 racket sports: table tennis, badminton, squash and tennis. On the blog, I will also write about photography since I like to take photos of these sports and their events. My aim with this blog is to connect racketlon and photography but they will not be always connected because sometimes the posts will not include photography or any of these sports.